Should Islam's Supremacist Shariah Be Allowed to Transform America?

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Should Islam’s Supremacist Shariah Be
Allowed to Transform America?

You were specially selected to represent your area in this National Public Opinion Survey on the growing foothold Islamic supremacists have in America and their agenda for destroying the West and dominating the world, known as Shariah. This is of critical importance to our country’s security.

A rigorous undercover investigation of a sample of U.S. mosques found that a frightening 80% encourage Shariah. That doctrine not only promotes abuse of women, intolerance of minorities and other atrocities. It also requires its followers to engage in or support “Jihad” –the use of terrifying violence and other techniques to conquer all “non-believers.”

With our Muslim population growing rapidly – some estimate 1.9 million Muslims have come to America since 9/11 – we are witnessing a rising tide of Islamic political influence and Shariah supremacism being insinuated into our courts, our culture and our government at the expense of our Constitution and the fundamental freedoms it guarantees. This upsurge is particularly evident in towns, cities and states across our country being subjected to “the hijrah,” Islamist colonization.

This is largely happening “under the radar” and without the needed public debate. That’s due in no small measure to the jihadists’ success – with help from many in the media and official Washington – in smearing anyone concerned about these trends as “haters” and “Islamophobes”

We need to show your state legislators, every member of the U.S. Congress, the White House and major media outlets the truth. With a strong response, your representatives and the press will be forced to recognize that millions of Americans like you want the dangers posed by Islamic supremacism and Shariah addressed now, before their semi-secret political offensive inside the United States gains any more ground across the country.

Your answers on this Survey will help send a powerful message to our elected officials that Americans are waking up and are deeply concerned about our national security and that – unless they counter this jihad and keep Shariah from subverting our Constitution in our courts, media, churches, financial sector and government – America will wind up like so many European democracies that have recklessly allowed similar forces to undermine their nations and societies.

Since before the jihadist attacks on 9/11, Secure Freedom has been investigating and challenging Islamic supremacism and the growing influence of Shariah in America.

We urgently need your financial support if this campaign is to succeed. So please be sure to fill out the contribution section at the end of the Survey. Thank you so much for helping keep America free and safe.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer each question inside with the answer that most closely reflects your opinion. Even if you are undecided about some questions, it is critical to our effort for you to complete the Survey. Thank you!