2018 National Survey on the Radical Left's War on Free Speech (100)

Submitted by sf_user on Tue, 01/23/2018 - 15:08
"We Will Not Be Silenced"
Will not be silenced

WHY THIS SURVEY IS SO IMPORTANT:  The radical Left, the liberal Democrats in Congress, the Republican establishment and the fake news media are working to silence you and me, undo the 2016 elections, impeach President Trump, rewrite our history, tear up our Constitution and take down the America we know and love.  The purpose of the Survey is to show them we will not be cowed by "politically correct" restrictions on what we believe and what we say.

The results will be made available to the President of the United States, all 535 Members of Congress and our allies in conservative media.  They will also be distributed via the internet and, funds permitting, TV and radio ads.  But it all starts with you, so please be sure to answer each question and return this Survey today.  Thank you!

Question 1. The Left is increasingly demonizing President Trump's supporters and anyone who opposes their views on immigration, supremacist Islam, a strong national defense, religious liberty, traditional American values and the right to keep and bear arms as "racists," "Islamophobes," "Xenophobes," "haters," "White supremacists," and "war mongers."

Do you personally feel restrained from expressing your views out of fear of being condemned by members of your community, church or social group?

Question 2. The radical Left, liberals in Congress, establishment Republicans and the biased national news media are working hand-in-hand to prohibit what they deem to be "hate-speech" – namely, expression seen as critical of Muslim supremacists, illegal aliens, fascists and anarchists like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other Extreme Left-wing activists.

Should all legislation imposing restrictions on so-called "hate speech" be rejected?

Question 3. The federal government gives billions of tax dollars to colleges and universities each year for research and development projects.

Should these federal funds be withheld from schools that refuse to protect conservative speakers and students from being attacked by violent Left-wing groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matters?

Question 4. President Barack Obama refused to use the term "radical Islam" out of fear of offending Muslims.  President Trump has been willing from Day One to use this term and to address the serious threat we face from Muslim Supremacists bent on destroying the West from within.

Do you want President Trump to continue call out, expose and combat the clear-and-present danger we face from "Civilization Jihad," despite being smeared as an "Islamaphobe?"

Question 5. President Trump has also been demonized as an "anti-Hispanic" and a "xenophobe" for his proposed border wall with Mexico and temporary travel ban on refugees from countries that harbor jihadi terrorists.

Does it anger you that the Left has been able thus far to block both of the these important national security initiatives through the use of such smears?

Question 6. The liberal elite in the national news media always claim to be the beacons of free speech in America. Yet, they routinely condemn and demonize conservatives who stand up for their principles in the public square ... and excuse Leftists who use violence and slander to silence speech they don't agree with.

Do you believe the liberal media is contributing to the assault on free speech in America today?

Question 7. The liberal media also falsely presents phony data from Left-wing smear machines like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as "proof" that conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh and freedom-loving conservative groups like Secure Freedom (also known as the Center for Security Policy), the NRA and the Family Research Council are "haters" who promote "violence."

Are you willing to support a national campaign to pressure TV networks to stop showcasing SPLC and other Left-wing smear groups as "experts" on domestic hate and terror groups?"

Question 8. Media Matters and other Left-wing groups supported by socialist billionaire George Soros have launched an all-out campaign of lies to slander and silence conservative media personalities like Sean Hannity.

Is it time Fox News stood up against the Left-wing smear machine and defended its on-air personalities?

Question 9. The liberals have long sought to re-impose the "Fairness Doctrine" – a gambit whose practical effect would be to control the political content of conservative TV and radio news and commentary programs.

Should Republicans in Congress stand firm against any attempt to re-impose the speech-stifling "Fairness Doctrine?"

Question 10. Radical Left-wing groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Muslim Brotherhood are increasingly using violence to intimidate and silence their critics. Many of these groups are openly supported by Leftist billionaires like George Soros.

Should the Justice Department investigate any person and/or corporation that helps fund groups that conspire to commit violence against those with whom they disagree?

Question 11. The Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim front groups like the Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR) are increasingly using lawsuits to intimidate and silence groups like Secure Freedom for exposing their anti-U.S./anti-Christian agenda.

Would you be willing to help expose these "Legal Islamic Terrorism" lawsuits to the American people?

Question 12. The radical Left's drive to destroy statues depicting Confederate war heroes has expanded to statues of Christopher Columbus. Memorials to founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson may be next.

Do you think that this statue-destroying is part of a larger Left-wing effort to re-write American and  Western history?